Aquatic Farming & Natural Pool Lifestyle

by, Sarah Norton // Oct 17, 2023

Yup, that’s me, and that’s my husband Bill. I bet you’re wondering how we ended up here. Well, the whole thing started when someone said that we could turn our pool into a natural pond and connect it with fountain, stream and pond. And that’s just what we did… As an aquatic farmer and gardener, my life is a little different now. 


Someone’s got to take care of all those beautiful plants and make sure the algae doesn’t grow too high. So me and my trusty girl Presley here, we trim off all the dead leaves and blossoms so these plants can do all the filtering that they are here to do! They are one of the reasons our water is so clear!


This is the bog and it’s part of our swimming pool. It flows right into our pool.  


Now it’s time to wrangle up that pool vacuum. Somehow it sucks up all of the leaves and the fish poop, but none of the fish! This is my LEAST favorite part of being a natural pool owner.


Uh oh! Fish are hungry! Let’s rustle up some grub. Here you go guys! Look at ‘em go. They love it!! We do pellets, little pellets and flakes. Don’ forget the turtle! her name is Dragon.


Now come on over to the pond and lets meet one of my little fishy friends. They swim right up to us and give us  kisses! We love to get in the water with them and even snorkel. We have 28 kinds of fish! Woo hoo! I love it here… aaaand then I remember that I have a regular garden too! Ok. Party’s over. Time to get back to work.