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You won't meet a happier group of humans than ones who are discovering and becoming who they are meant to be,
which is exactly who they have always been, even if they don't know it yet!

Join the Beautiful Souls

Whether you are burnt out, tired, traumatized, or just ready for some fun, relaxing pampering with your girlfriends, you will find what you need for your beautiful soul at Sarah Norton's retreats, podcasts, videos and classes. We take a well-rounded approach to health and healing that helps all areas of your body, spirit and mind to bless your entire life.

Women who meet at Sarah's home for retreats become lifelong friends as they heal from old wounds and make new memories together. Deep bonds are created that will strengthen everyone for years to come!

Beautiful souls love to make beautiful things and even if you're not an artist, you'll feel like one! Create soul-healing art and be amazed at how simple and fun it is!

Delicious food that you don't have to make or clean up after is one of the best parts of the retreat. We want all our ladies to kick their feet up and relax while enjoying crazy good and super healthy meals, treats and snacks. What more could you ask for... How about a beautiful backyard with fountain, stream, pond and pool to help provide that lovely Zen feeling as you do your soul work and make new friends? Join us for all this healing fun and more!

8 Billion
Of Your hardest days you've survived
Reasons to live

Sarah Norton

Sarah is a certified Trauma Relief Practitioner and is part of the healing community of IntegrateTrauma.com. She also is a podcaster, artist, teacher, motivator and holds Soul Restoration retreats at her beautiful new home in Gilbert, Arizona. She lost 2 silblings and a niece from suicide and it is her mission to help others see the beauty and the value of their own souls so not one more is lost or suffering! She is also a survivor of bulimia and an abusive marriage and teaches/heals with enthusiasm and passion! Sarah has eight amazing children and three adorable grandsons and a new grandaughter! She is married to the love of her life, Bill Norton, and together they have built an incredible healing space in their backyard with a natural pool, pond and stream complete with hundreds of fish and a turtle! Sarah graduated from BYU in Family Studies and is obsessed with learning and teaching about mental wellness and healing from trauma. Come heal with her!


Next Retreat :
Oct. 25-28, 2023
New Location:
Sarah's new home in
Gilbert, Arizona

Your body and soul will love restoring in our newly finished "Backyard of Dreams!" Meet your new tribe as together we learn how to restore our beautiful souls while creating art, self-reflecting, singing together, eating amazing food, playing games and dipping our feet in the natural pool! This healing space is just what you need.

Sarah has held 5 Soul Restoration Retreats
Created and taught 4 different courses
*What Now?
*What is Your Superpower?
*Flight School
*Life is Now
She has created and run 3 different 12 wk challenges
* Fit For the Kingdom
*Tree of Life Challenge
*Your Beautiful Soul Challenge
.... and there is much more to come!