Life is Now!

(new class)

Your Beautiful Soul Presents a brand new 6 week course, LIFE IS NOW!

Awaken & align your body, mind & spirit to have more peace & joy in your life now! Lead out with your whole soul into a life you love!

Taught online and in person! We hope you and your friends & family members will join us!

New Classes will be available in the spring along with A WEB VERSION you can purchase and take on your own schedule! MORE ON THAT SOON! 

What is it about?

I'm Sarah Norton and I have been on the most incredible journey of massive growth and healing from PTSD, trauma, grief, and every day struggles of life. I've made it through those painful experiences in large part because of my study and application of the latest in neurochemistry, behavioral science, wellness, trauma healing, spirituality, and enlightenment. It's working and I know it can work for you too, so I put it all together in a groundbreaking new class, Life is Now!
I will teach you how to make your body a safe place for your soul to dwell as you learn listen to what your body and mind are trying to tell you! When you examine and discover what drives your moods, behaviors, thoughts and emotions, and how to coach and heal your own body, you will see that living the life you want is totally possible! It will take action, new ways of thinking and faith, but you can totally do this. I did! Let's figure out who you really are and let go of false beliefs about yourself (and your past)...
ALL OF THEM! And let's start today because... Life is Now!

A few of the many things you will learn:

- How to feel safer in your body and love your life!
- Did you know your body is your subconscious mind?
- It's not just your brain that thinks and influences behavior!
- Learn how to feel your spirit inside your body!
- How to be an inspirational coach to your own body!
- What is happening inside and outside of your trillions of cells and how it affects you.
- How to stop thinking you're someone else and live YOUR purpose!
- Stress and anxiety, get thee hence!!
- How can you let go of the past and stop freaking out about the future?
- How does sleep restore your body, mind and spirit?
- How to stop thinking and start knowing!
- How to avoid getting swallowed up by intense negative emotions.
- What ancient wisdom have you been staring in the face and never seen?
- How trauma affects the body and how to heal from it, for good.
- Learn new ways to feel an instant connection with your yourself & you creator anytime, anywhere!
- How to deeply accept the roller-coaster that is your life, and the rider!
- How to kick intruders out of your body and soul and keep them out!
- Heal the division inside yourself and feel more connected to the Divine and all of creation!