Trauma Integration

Get real, lasting relief from any stressful event in your life!

Is what I experienced even trauma?

Trauma can be any event, big or small, that has negatively impacted you & caused physical, mental, or emotional distress. It could be a time where you were bullied or shamed, or the moment you found out your parents were getting divorced. Maybe you witnessed a tragic or frightening event or were abused in any way. It can all be healed and released!  

How often do I have to talk about the event?

Most stressful events can be healed in one session. Your body will be so relieved and ready to move on! Some extrememly long or intense events might need revisiting to get deeper layers healed, but that is rare. It is totally possible to process an event and find relief in just one session.  

Can I do this from where I live?

YES! I can do trauma processing with you from anywhere! We can use zoom or facetime or you can come to my home office in Gilbert, AZ. You just need a quiet place you can sit back and relax and feel safe to speak freely and openly. Each session is 90 minutes and only $75. It is time to free your body from the burden of unprocessed trauma!

A client experience

Relief after 30 years of suffering

I went into my first trauma coaching session with a little apprehension about what I would feel but I really wanted to resolve these feelings of rejection and being unliked that I have suffered with for over 30 years, and I trusted Sarah. I am so glad I did it! There was no need to worry. Sarah made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and safe even thought it was hard at first, to revisit the experience that was the source of so much pain, I felt safe the whole time and it was so freeing.

Even after our session was over, my brain and body kept fixing and resolving things we had worked on, through that day and night. The next day I realized that not only were those terrible feelings gone, but there was an underlying feeling of anger that I’ve had for over 30 years that was gone as well! It was very liberating!! Months later, those feeling are still gone and I’ve noticed that I don’t get offended as easily as I used to. It was a fantastic experience and I am so grateful for Sarah and the healing she helped me find.
Carolyn Ricker
New Carlisle, Ohio

My Inspiration

Liza Koski
Precious Sister
Bill Koski
Precious Brother
Lucy Wilson
Precious Niece
We all need healing
Precious All of Us! 

What is Trauma Integration Coaching?

When a traumatic, painful, or stressful life event occurs, all of the thoughts, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations related to the negative event are recorded and stored in the brain and body for processing at a later time (when the stressor is over, the body is ready and the brain is our of “fight or flight”). A person may experience this packet of stored information as anxiety, depression, confusion, stress, pain, illness and more. There is a part of their body, a “younger self,” that is frozen in time, holding that information. Doing this becomes a burden and there is suffering felt in the whole body and soul. In trauma integration sessions we bring relief to the body and the whole person by accessing that burdened part (let them tell their “story” of what happened) and release all the trapped information. We do this in a very safe, loving environment with the trauma relief coach walking side by side with them in their healing journey. This is usually done one experience at a time, or we can heal from a whole string of similar events in one session. This will usually be the last time they have to address this event, ever! ! Here is how it works:

I will ask you to tell me what physical sensations you are experiencing in your body (i.e. legs feel full of energy, arms feel heavy) as you recount the details of the event. This helps you connect with your body so it can open the packet of stored information and release and free itself from each sensation, one at a time, until you feel relaxed and peaceful. It is incredibly freeing and your body will thank you, and you will be in awe of what it has done to help you survive… but it doesn’t end there.

Next, we use visualization to reexamine the event from the new perspective of the client, who is now older, wiser, and in a calm and relaxed state (full brain online) and in a safe environment. The coach is also beside you the whole time and is in the story with you, lending emotional strength, support and additional perspective. We can comfort, heal and teach this younger version of yourself about what is actually true about the event, and you, as we address any false perceptions, negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs that developed due to the difficult nature of the event. Often, trauma triggers deep feelings of shame and anxiety that we can address right at the source, with the part of you that began believing those things long ago. Everything you need to heal is already inside of you! You will create new neuropathways by using your own imagination to change the story. You can say things that needed to be said and visualize yourself doing things that needed to be done—you can totally recreate the details of the event. Your brain and body experience the visualization almost as real as the original story and accepts these changes and feels relief right away.

Lastly, we get to rescue that inner child or younger version of you and let them know the event is over and they are safe. This trapped part of you doesn’t know this until we teach them that! We do this all throughout the session as we set the emotions, feelings and sensations free. They are just memories of the event and are no longer needed. Once that is done, we imagine taking that child, teen or adult, to a beautiful new place for them to rest, relax or play, forever! They never have to go back. Their work is done! It is important to really help them understand that THIS EVENT IS OVER! They are FREE! They never have to go through that again!
It’s such a relief for the body to know that the information it has been storing has been opened, acknowledged, processed and released. The inner child is free and sees what it wasn’t able to see or understand before. Now they can integrate back into your body and become the joyful part of you they were meant to be. With all this work done, the memory of the event loses its intensity and goes into long term storage just like any other memory. It works! I hope you will experience this healing with me! I am in awe of my own healing journey. More on that below.

My qualifications and personal experience:

I have a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in general studies, with an emphasis in Family Life, in which I studied a great deal of psychology, family dynamics and sociology. In recent years I became a certified Trauma Integration Practitioner from Trauma Integration LLC. The elements that went into my training come from, Wayne Johnson Msw., who has helped clients heal with this technique for more than 30 years, and from the latest understanding and research in trauma. In addition to my training, I’ve done more than 36 hours of healing from my own traumatic and difficult experiences, with my trainer, Michelle Jones, as my guide. It has been absolutely life saving for me! I experienced decades of abuse as an adult and this trauma integration technique has helped me obtain more relief from PTSD and anxiety than I ever thought possible. I am thrilled to help others on their healing journeys and experience the peace that I have felt.

In 2011 I lost my baby sister to suicide and then 2 months later was able to assist in rescuing an unconscious man, Jeremy, from a burning car, saving his life! To honor my sister, Liza, and totally inspired by the amazing miracle of rescuing Jeremy, I dedicated my life to helping others understand their profound value as members of the human family and help relieve mental and physical suffering. I poured my artistic talents and teaching skills into this work that I love. I have been coaching men and women through fun 12-week challenges, art retreats and classes for over a decade, and more recently, individual trauma relief coaching. I focus on helping clients see what is true about their beautiful souls and how to awaken and align mind, body and spirit for greater inner peace, and a more fulfilling and productive life. This is my passion and I know it was what I was born to do! Trauma integration work is my favorite of all. One-on-one healing that gets to the core of the pain and brings the most profound healing! I hope you will set your mind and body free from the burdens it carries.

You can sign up for a 90 min session here. I charge only $50 an hour!!

Are you ready for healing? Everything you need is already inside of you. Reach out today!