Everything you Need to know about

Soul Restoration Retreats 

Restore your beautiful soul with us!


Our new waterfall, stream, pond and natural pool enhance the tranquil feeling of our unique property in the heart of Gilbert, AZ. You can even snorkel with our tropical fish, dip your feet in the pond, or journal near the fountain! Healing comes from discovering beliefs we have about ourselves that are just not true, that are causing deep pain and need to be released! You will create a soul restoration team to help you get rid of everything that doesn't belong in your beautiful soul and reveal the REAL YOU! She is wonderful! We will have fun activities and ceremonies that help you in this process. But most importantly, you will create simple, yet beautiful, art projects that help you discover the amazing truths about who you really are, and harmonize your body and soul! This helps you distill them into your body so you can feel more peace and joy moving forward! You will also love leather bracelet-making, meditations, yoga, music, games, laughter, sisterhood, and delicious food! It will be an enriching 3 days that will leave you changed forever!

How much does this amazingness cost? (spoiler alert: it's not as much as you would think!)

The cost of the 3 day retreat is only $600 and that includes food, treats, classes, workbook, journal, cute bag for all your items, art projects and materials, lots of fun gifts and surprises! Add an additional $75 if you would like to stay the night at Sarah's home (where the retreat is held) The retreat runs from 9:00 am-9:00pm every day!  YOU WILL NOT WANT IT TO END- WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!

Some delicious concepts that will sink deep into your heart:

  • Where did your self-defeating thoughts originate and how to be free of them for good! 
  • Become an expert at discerning truth and rejecting lies about you and your beautiful soul
  • How to connect more clearly and easily with your source of truth and light
  • How to transmute previous pain and disappointment into a "To Do" List for your soul
  • How to take your power back and be your own hero!
  • Learn the trick to keeping a compassionate heart while staying emotionally safe
  • Boost your bravery to go out and live the life you've always been meant to live! 

Melody & Sarah! 

Brave Girls Camp, Sept. 2015

Melody Ross has been a treasured friend of mine since we were young moms at just 21 years old and in 2015 I attended one of her incredibly popular and life changing retreats, known as BRAVE GIRLS CAMP! It was literally the best 4 days of my life and I have never been the same!! It was everything my soul needed and when the chance came for me to teach Melody's curriculum at my own retreats, I jumped on it! I have been hosting my own retreats since 2017,  and have blessed many beautiful souls! I hope to be a blessing in your life too! You have everything you need to heal already inside of you, I will just show you how to access and use it! You can do this! Join us for some soul healing fun at our next event!

General Questions

* IS THIS A RELIGIOUS RETREAT? This is not a religious retreat, but it can be as spiritual as you want to make it for yourself. You will have plenty of time to connect with your source of truth and light as you discover the truth about your beautiful soul. It's such an important aspect of healing!

* DO I HAVE TO BE AN ARTST? Not at all! Everyone will enjoy just letting go and diving into the creative process. Nothing has to be perfect!? We will provide you with tons of adorable art to collage with, so the hard part is done! You just get to add your personalized flair in any way that you want.

*WILL I FEEL SAFE?  Yes! We hold your heart and feelings so sacred here. This is an incredibly loving and judgement free place for you to come, relax and feel safe and free from the world.

*WILL I MAKE NEW FRIENDS HERE? Absolutely. It's almost impossible not to become soul sisters with the women who you will be learning with side by side. We will share so many fun, interesting, hilarious and soul stirring experiences in our time together that you will fall in love with each other!