My MOST Embarrassing Prayer

by, Sarah Norton // Oct 16, 2023

I’m a tiny bit embarrassed to tell you that when I was little, I was so enamored with God, and the idea of living with him in heaven forever that at night I would pray…

“Dear Father in Heaven, make me be good!”

I wanted him to be 100% in charge of my destiny! I was so scared that I would screw it up and that wasn’t ok with me! I tried to hand him back the agency he so graciously gives all his precious children!

“TAKE IT BACK!” I cried!

His response? “Nope. Ain’t gonna do it.”

Actually, he has better grammar than that, but you get the idea. He wasn’t about to prevent me from having all of the exact experiences that I NEEDED to have… like falling, getting back up, learning and growing! Dangit! All that falling and getting back up hurts and there is no guarantee I will figure it out… BUT, He knew it was, and still is, THE ONLY PATH that will bring me true joy, which is what I truly wanted anyways.

Do you want to know what is even more silly than that?  I sometimes prayed for that as an adult too…  (maybe we all do, in one way or another)

“Don’t let me screw this up!”

I was more or less stuck in this mindset until the fall of 2015. At Brave Girls Camp, with Melody Ross, we did a journaling activity where we listed all the complaints and frustrations of our heart, and the wishes too. The things we wished that other people, an even God, had done for us so life wouldn’t be so hard!! IT WAS A LONG LIST! Lol. Then she very sneakily flipped the tables on us and said “What if each one of these things was something you could do for yourself right now?” OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT?! I don’t have to wait for someone to save me or to make me be good!?

I flipped every one of the items on the “wish list of my soul” and saw and FELT the truth—I  had the power to choose and act all along and I have it now! And what a gift the power to choose is!

Major paradigm shift! God will help me in a million ways but he refuses to be a puppet master, even for good things! I AM THE ONE WHO LIVES IN MY BODY AND I HAVE TO TAKE THE STEPS! {Mic Drop Moment} That is how I really progress! What problem can we not overcome with His wisdom and power and my willingness TO MOVE?! He will show me the path, encourage me, strengthen and lift me higher that I could on my own, but I MOVE MY BODY! I make the tough phone calls. I pick up my scriptures and read. I help the person who needs me. I get outside and let nature heal me. I get up early and take charge of my day—my life!

Unbelievable! What empowerment and joy I felt in realizing that I didn’t have to wait around anymore for someone to rescue me! I could be my own hero. I did become my own hero and I GOT FREE!!

There is a hero inside of you too! I would LOVE to help you discover, strengthen and embolden her or him!! This is what I do and why I am so passionate about my classes, challenges and trauma healing sessions and retreats. They absolutely change lives! They changed mine and I don’t teach anything I haven’t lived myself! Click here to unleash this loving hero that lives inside of you!

I Love you so much, (it’s true!!)

Sarah Norton

P.S. Spoiler alert….your HERO is your beautiful soul! It’s in there! I promise! xoxo