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No matter what life has thrown at you, it's possible to heal and live an amazing life full of purpose and joy! I know, because I've done it myself and I'm here to guide you and teach you innovative new ways to look at restoring yourself, body and soul. I will share with you all the tools, miracles and insights that rescued me and have helped many others on their healing journeys. You can be your own hero! Everything you need is already deep inside of you. It's time to discover the truth about your beautiful soul and live the life you were meant to live!

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Sarah Norton

Sarah has been inspiring family and friends her whole life, but re-dedicated herself to helping others see their true beauty and value after she lost her baby sister to suicide in 2011. Since then, she has lead hundreds in 12-week challenge courses, taught classes that help women discover their purpose, held life-changing retreats in her home and does one-on-one trauma integration coaching. She incorporates her creative talents, and love of art, music and nature in all she does.

What is Trauma Integration?

Integration is a mindful process of addressing unresolved trauma responses.

In the moment of crisis, the body has a physical shock response which includes physical sensation, emotion, thoughts and beliefs that are formed in that moment. When the crisis is over, the body will hold not just a cognitive memory, but a trauma response that includes these unprocessed physical sensations, emotions and thoughts.

In this work, a coach or practitioner creates a supportive space to safely guide the client to release shock and the reflexive internal responses that are no longer needed now that the moment of crisis is over.

By releasing the intensity from the trauma memory, the remainder of the experience can now be safely integrated into the client’s understanding of themselves and the world.

Thus creating wholeness within.

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Sarah's new podcasts are now available. Learn how to heal from trauma in entirely new ways and discover how Sarah has overcome her many challenges and how you can too!

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Next Retreat :
October 25-28, 2023 (Wed-Sat)
New Location:
Sarah's new home in
Gilbert, Arizona

Your body and soul will love restoring in our newly finished "Backyard of Dreams!" Meet your new tribe as together we learn how to restore our beautiful souls while creating art, self-reflecting, singing together, eating amazing food, playing games and dipping our feet in the natural pool! This healing space is just what you need.

Soul Restoration Retreat

Oct. 25-28, 2023 Come discover the true beauty of your soul and heal from life's adversity and trauma in our new location in Gilbert, AZ. We have the perfect place for you to rest and restore while making art, new friends and learning new skills to help you find peace in a chaotic world.

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Life is Now COURSE

Class starts Sept. 5th (in person) and Sept. 6th (online) You do not want to miss out on this chance to help your mind, body and soul get along better with each other! When we settle the wars on the inside there is so much more peace on the outside! Nothing is left holding us back from being the best version of ourselves. It is the BEST FEELING EVER! 

Local taxes included (where applicable)

Current Signature Courses

  • Heal from past trauma and the stresses of life
  • Rediscover the real you!
  • Get one-on-one coaching from Sarah
  • Learn from Sarah's real-life examples and the newest science

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Custom Leather Bracelets

Sarah's handmade custom designs will keep messages that inspire you close to your heart...and your pulse! Choose a style, color and phrase (poem, song, or word) that will uplift you and make you feel beautiful! Leather earrings and rings available too!